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FIN Crafted Goods is a boutique shop with mending services. We provide workwear solutions for F&B businesses - with specialisation in aprons. We carry selective brands and men's accessories for the vintage textile lover and denim enthusiast. With minimal wastage in mind, we make bags and mend your favourite garments so that you can wear them for a little longer. If you prefer to do it yourself, we also host mending workshops on ad-hoc basis - we make and mend every single day, so if you'd like to learn to mend we'd love to teach you how. Do contact us with any projects or stop by our shop to browse!  

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The Ride: Celebrating 9 Years of Creativity with Skateboards & Motorcycles

What do skateboards and motorcycles have in common and what does it have to do with FIN? Plenty. You might have heard of the expression “skate and create” - for some people, skating is a creative process of coming up with new tricks, showing it off and building on other’s ideas. The act of trying over and over again to master that trick - it goes hand in hand with creativity. There are no rules to being creative, and the sense of freedom and independence that lies at the heart of skating is akin to how we create in FIN. Just like how being around other skaters pushes them to try harder and go bigger, having you on this ride...

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