Legacy: A New Beginning

Every living organism and experience has a beginning and an end.

Every chapter in life has to end before a new one begins.
The final chapter will be the day that we breathe our last, where again, a new one begins: The legacy we leave behind.
That is the meaning behind FIN.

For FIN Crafted Goods, leaving behind a legacy is about engaging in little, but consistent acts of goodness.

With the intention of leaving the world a better place than we found it, our vision was and still is: 
To create a community that cares, about the garments that clothe us, and the consequences of discarding so thoughtlessly.

Reigning in our 10th year, we reflect on the tools and articles that have impacted and shaped our journey. The driving force of FIN lies in the beauty of mending and the stories that are woven into the lives we have touched.

And because we are that community, our legacy is a shared legacy. It is important for us to invite like-minded artists and aspiring creative entrepreneurs to showcase their talents to the world.

To mark its decade in existence, we have collaborated with friend and photographer, Clarence Aw, and created art prints of 10 curated artifacts that were both key to, and has left its indelible mark on FIN’s legacy. Each artifact will be presented as framed art prints where only 10 prints are available per artwork.

FIN’s anniversary exhibition will also feature merchandise jointly designed with Lucas Saw from Talking Toes and Lee Cheng Kang of Mutou Furniture, as well as an archive display of products by FIN in its span of ten years.

So that we can begin our new chapter.

 FIN (Not yet..)


The Legacy exhibition will be held for a week from 22 - 29 October (closed on Sunday). 

Date: 22-29 October 2022

Time: 1-7pm

Venue: 39A Jalan Pemimpin Halcyon Building #03-03A S577183