A movement for all

It's our responsibility to make only things that are beautiful to look at. While we are in the business of making things, we try our darnest not to waste.

There is a Japanese word to describe what we do - mottainai, which loosely translates to wasting nothing. That is the modus operandi at FIN.

We need to buy less, or buy nothing at all. 

We need to wear classic pieces that withstands the test of time and appreciate the beauty in secondhand clothes. These are gems that carry the journey of its previous wearer. Stories that you add on to, by purchasing secondhand, mending and repurposing.

We are creating a movement. A movement that will bring forth the tide of change towards a better way of treating our clothes. Our clothes are not just a means of expressing our identity, it travels with us through various phases of life. Our clothes are not single-use and should never be carelessly discarded. This movement of mending and repurposing is armed with the intention of changing habits and perspectives, and shift our patterns of consumption.

We want you to be part of this movement - it's not about the few of us being perfectly sustainable. It's about all of us playing an integral part in creating a future worth looking forward to.

Our Team

Founder & Creative Director, Fahmy Ishak

Co-Founder & Business Development Manager, Erliana Kamiti

We are multi disciplinary creatives who conceptualise campaigns and events centred around environmental sustainability, to connect brands with people.

It all began with apron design and production in 2012 and the process that led us here was an educational journey that we're still learning from every day. As we navigate this dizzying world of overconsumption and fast fashion, the one constant thing on our mind is: How can we minimise or eliminate waste in a systematic way and create a habit out of it? How can we make it our way of life beyond a crafty DIY project?

Our objective is to create a movement to reconnect you and your clothing by personalising used garments and accessories. We provide mending and rebuilding services for denim and bags so that you can continue to wear and use them as it was intended to.

We've also partnered with retailers such as Uniqlo, Keen, Vans and Hugo Boss, as well as organisations such as National Library, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Goodman Arts Centre and Aliwal Arts Centre for community campaigns and art engagement events.

If you would like to know how you can be part of this global movement of sustainable fashion or if you are keen to incorporate environmental sustainability in your organization, drop us a note and let's have a chat!