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Why We do
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It's our personal responsibility to only make things that work and that are beautiful to look at. While we are in the business of making things, we try our darn best not to waste. As the Japanese say it - "mottainai" or wasting nothing is the way to go.With fashion being the second largest polluter after the oil industry, the onus is on every one of us to change those statistics. Over 80 billion garments are produced each year, and we wear our garments on average, 7 times before getting rid of them! The amount of pollution that we actively contribute to the oceans just by washing our clothes - 52% of which contains plastic microfibres - is staggering. The impact of the fashion industry is simply monumental. So why do we choose and encourage you to mend your clothes? Because we can, and we should. There is no planet B, there is only here. And now. Now is the time for us to change the way we dress ourselves. To buy less, and buy better. To buy classic pieces that last and look better with age. To buy secondhand. We want to help you be part of this imperative movement - because it's not about a few of us being perfectly sustainable. It's about all of us caring for the earth we live on and playing a small part in whatever way we can to ease the negative impact we leave behind for the future generations.

What we do

FIN Crafted Goods is a boutique shop with mending services. We provide workwear solutions for F&B businesses - with specialisation in aprons. We carry selective brands and men's accessories for the vintage textile lover and denim enthusiast. With minimal wastage in mind, we make bags and mend your favourite garments so that you can wear them for a little longer.

If you prefer to do it yourself, we also host mending monthly workshops.

We make and mend every single day, so if you'd like to learn to mend we'd love to teach you how. Do contact us with any projects or stop by our shop to browse!