FIN is a multidisciplinary creative studio of thoughtfully curated and slowly created items that makes for a meaningful lifestyle.

Our mission is to connect fashion with sustainability by helping people see the charm in mixing the new and the old. We started out as menders and makers, promoting re-use of textiles, and extending the life-span of clothes. Now, we are a creative studio consulting to brands and organisations on the intersection of design and sustainability. Our obsession with sustainability comes from wanting to reveal the beauty in items worn by time and environment. 

Our philosophy is this: Promote a way of seeing value and beauty in imperfections, and understanding when to use things that exist. Our methodology is to design engaging and educational workshops and gatherings. It is based on 10 years of experience, product design, event workshops and collaborations with brands and communities.

Today, we have collaborated with large and small organisations such as VANS, Uniqlo and Levi's, to design purposeful yet artistic solutions to sustainability questions. Our latest pride is a creative collaboration with Porsche Lifestyle to create fresh looks which seamlessly incorporates features of the 911 and Carrera into the bags that we made.

We've also partnered with the National Library, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Goodman Arts Centre and Aliwal Arts Centre for community campaigns and cultural events.

Let’s come together and change the way people buy clothes - driven by purpose and not by self-worth.
Let’s come together to create a sense of community, without prejudice and with the knowledge that problems of the world can indeed be solved when people find commonality in each other. Let’s come together to make an active effort in finding solutions, as well as to have a sense of hope that things can change. 

Fahmy Ishak
Creative Director
Erliana Kamiti 
Director, Business Development