About Us

Why We do
(what we do)

It's our responsibility to only make things that work and that are beautiful to look at. While we are in the business of making things, we try our darnest not to waste. As the Japanese say it - "mottainai" or wasting nothing, is the only way to go forward. 

It's time for us to change the way we live. 

To buy less, and buy better. 

To buy classic pieces that last and look better with age. 

To buy secondhand.

We want to help you be part of this movement, because it's not about the few of us being perfectly sustainable. It's about ALL of us playing our part in easing the negative impact we leave behind for future generations.

What we do

We are a husband and wife duo who provide workwear solutions for F&B businesses with a specialisation in aprons. We carry selective brands and men's accessories for the vintage textile lover and denim enthusiast. With minimal wastage in mind, we make bags and mend your favourite garments so that you can wear them for a little longer.

We mend every day so if you'd like to learn to mend your own denim, we'd love to teach you how. Contact us for the class schedule!