FIN Crafted Goods (FIN) is a workshop and studio space where products are created through repurposed items. FIN aims to educate the community on why mending and wearing clothes you already have is the most sustainable decision you can make as a consumer.

Helmed by Fahmy and Erliana, FIN has worked consistently with retailers such as Uniqlo, Hugo, Levi and Vans to connect fashion with sustainability.

FIN has also worked with the National Library, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Goodman Arts Centre and Aliwal Arts Centre for community campaigns and cultural events.

Founder & Creative Director
Fahmy Ishak

Co-founder & Business Manager
Erliana Kamiti 


Ranging from store activations, pop-ups and workshops, FIN utilises compelling story telling to effectively deliver the message of sustainability into the minds of the audience.

FIN aims to strengthen the local creative community locally, by partnering with lesser known artists and designers and providing a platform to be seen and heard through its annual public events.

Accentuating its ethos of repurposing and reusing, FIN curates quarterly secondhand markets for the community to connect and tell their own stories.