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Legacy: A New Beginning

Every living organism and experience has a beginning and an end. Every chapter in life has to end before a new one begins.The final chapter will be the day that we breathe our last, where again, a new one begins: The legacy we leave behind.That is the meaning behind FIN.For FIN Crafted Goods, leaving behind a legacy is about engaging in little, but consistent acts of goodness.With the intention of leaving the world a better place than we found it, our vision was and still is: To create a community that cares, about the garments that clothe us, and the consequences of discarding so thoughtlessly. Reigning in our 10th year, we reflect on the tools and articles that have impacted and shaped...

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FIN x Babici

The beautiful thing about what we do at FIN is connecting and teaming with people from different trades to come up with fresh ideas. As part of our 10th anniversary collection this year, we've partnered with the good people of Babici to create cycling jerseys and bibs for fans of both brands! A mainstay of the cycling clothing market, Babici brings you its fine performance textiles and combines it with FIN's signature use of symbolic Japanese patterns that is often seen in our custom patchwork pieces. In this collection, the asanoha (hemp), yabane (arrow feathers) and tonbo (dragonfly) patterns are featured on the body, sleeves and back pocket, much like one of the patchworks by FIN. While the asanoha symbolizes...

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World Environment Day: Denim Drive with Porsche

As part of World Environment Day, FIN is running a used denim collection and we’re doing it in an environmentally conscious way with Porsche.  Tell us your pick up location and we’ll zoom over silently and swiftly in the new Taycan CT on 5th and 12th June - all you need to do is rummage through your denim pile and we’ll do the rest! For updates on the denim drive, follow us here!      

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