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World Environment Day: Denim Drive with Porsche

As part of World Environment Day, FIN is running a used denim collection and we’re doing it in an environmentally conscious way with Porsche.  Tell us your pick up location and we’ll zoom over silently and swiftly in the new Taycan CT on 5th and 12th June - all you need to do is rummage through your denim pile and we’ll do the rest! For updates on the denim drive, follow us here!      

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Teh Tarik Nights: What it's really about and why we created it

If you're in your 30s-40s, you probably have had more than your recommended dose of post-dinner teh tarik on the weekends. Where Friday and Saturday nights used to be packed with partying plans, you are now rather comfortable heading out for a simple dinner with friends and a nice hot teh tarik to close the night. No lattes, no pour over coffees. Just a cup of potent, milky and overly-sweetened teh tarik that you leisurely sip at your favourite coffeeshop. It's the perfect brew for a motley crew. It's also a secret dream of ours to have a teh tarik locale where we can hang loose and allow our creative juices to flow. It's the grounds to building an inclusive creative community, and it's something that is very...

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Talad Soi FIN is Back!

Missed it last October?  Fret not, we're making this a quarterly thing - and if you're keen to be a vendor, send in your application here.  If you copped a spot at the previous talad, give others a chance lah. There are limited spots available, so let us know what you're planning to sell, yeah? We'd like to curate a good selection of vendors so that there's some range of wares - after all, who doesn't love variety? Send in those applications, we'll contact you with the price list and spots available!

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