FIN x Babici

The beautiful thing about what we do at FIN is connecting and teaming with people from different trades to come up with fresh ideas. As part of our 10th anniversary collection this year, we've partnered with the good people of Babici to create cycling jerseys and bibs for fans of both brands!

A mainstay of the cycling clothing market, Babici brings you its fine performance textiles and combines it with FIN's signature use of symbolic Japanese patterns that is often seen in our custom patchwork pieces.

In this collection, the asanoha (hemp), yabane (arrow feathers) and tonbo (dragonfly) patterns are featured on the body, sleeves and back pocket, much like one of the patchworks by FIN. While the asanoha symbolizes vitality and growth, the auspicious arrow feathers is known for its aim, for once shot, arrows do not return. 

To complete the jersey's stamp of good tidings, the tonbo pattern on the sleeves symbolizes agility and speed, as dragonflies are known to move fast at about 45 miles per hour.

Join us at the launch of FIN x Babici at Musette Cafe this weekend!

When: Sunday 21 August 2022 

Where: Musette Cafe, 2 Leng Kee Road 01-06 S159086

Time: from 8:30am