Experimental Company by TYC Studios & FIN Crafted Goods

Experimental Company is a collaborative project that was dreamt up back in August 2021, when the people behind TYC Studios and FIN Crafted Goods had an honest conversation about creating something around well known stories behind Singapore’s history. The subject of the conversation veered towards Second-Lieutenant Adnan Saidi and his men who valiantly fought to defend Bukit Chandu during WW2, in what was to be a historical moment for Singapore.

On 13 February 1942, C Company of the Malay Regiment was deployed at Pasir Panjang Ridge to resist the initial attack from the Japanese; they were quickly outnumbered and evacuated to take the last stand at Point 226 on a ridge above Bukit Chandu, also known as Opium Hill, named after the old opium plant. 

On 14 February, some Japanese troops disguised as Punjabi soldiers in an attempt to infiltrate C Company’s position on Opium Hill. Lieutenant Adnan and Lieutenant Abbas called their bluff, knowing that the Punjabi soldiers usually marched in columns of four, unlike the soldiers in disguise who were marching in columns of three. They opened fire and forced the Japanese troops to retreat only to return later with reinforcements and heavy artillery. Instead of surrendering, C Company stood their ground and fought till the end, using their bayonets and fists when their weapons became too hot to hold. Despite their sacrificial efforts, Opium Hill was eventually taken over.

Lieutenant Adnan’s gallantry stemmed from his deep principles encapsulated in the Malay saying: Biar putih tulang, jangan putih mata, or ‘Death before dishonor’. 

This collaboration pays homage to our forefathers and their dauntless sacrifices to safeguard the country and its people. While we honor their courage on the battle ground, it must be also said that war should never be the price of peace.

As a tribute to the number of Malayans that initially formed the experimental unit, 25 rare vintage military jackets embellished with distinctive silk screened graphics by TYC Studios and hand-stitched boro patchwork by FIN will be showcased. The collection also includes limited edition t-shirts designed by both creative houses. 

Launching on 27th of May at FIN’s studio, the trunk show will be held over two days where merchandise will be available for purchase. 

Date: 27 & 28 May 2022
Venue: 39A Jalan Pemimpin Halcyon Building 03-03A S577183
Time: 12-6pm