Spring of Hope


FIN Crafted Goods is proud to celebrate its 11th year anniversary with an enchanting exhibition Spring of Hope at Jalan Pemimpin, Singapore.

The title embodies a metaphorical reference to the anticipation of a promising future that lays ahead. Hope carries us through life’s ups and downs, but where do we find it?

Spring of Hope dives deep into the many things that bring people hope. Among them, pursuits of purpose, choice and freedom, connections with positive people and joyful moments. As we explore further, one wonders a thought-provoking question: What does joy look like? FIN delves into the aesthetics of joy through the exploration and power of colour to inspire courage, energy and hope.

Most of us may not realise it, but we have a cultural bias that has left us in a place where many of us feel ashamed to have colour in our lives. Joy has a way of showing up when we least expect it. But we seem to believe that to be worthy of society’s acceptance is to abandon our natural inclination towards joy or learn to suppress them. 

We tend to dismiss colour and the joy it brings as childish and frivolous, valuing neutral as a mark of coolness and sophistication. Yet, the power of colour is immediate; bright colours lift our spirits and it is impossible to separate colour and emotion.

FIN invites you to shed your adult reserve and restore that childlike wonder that surfaces when we are confronted by new moments. Tiny moments that capture our attention and turn our thoughts into a joyful direction.

Spring of Hope is FIN’s eleventh anniversary exhibition and will be the last that will be held at its location in Jalan Pemimpin. FIN continues its commitment to creating immersive and meaningful experiences, while celebrating good endings and new beginnings with the community behind FIN Crafted Goods.

Date: 30th September & 1 October 2023

Time: 12 to 7pm

Location: 39A Jalan Pemimpin Halcyon Building 03-03A S577183