From Start to FIN - A FIN x SlimLim Exhibition

Stories tell of a journey.

But just as every journey has a starting point, so too will they have an end.

But is a journey's end truly the end of the story? Or the beginning of another?

Once a story ends, what lingers are the possibilities that remain. Some obvious. Some less so.

A journey is a path from Start to FIN. Where the story goes from there, is for us to decide.

Just as an article of clothing has its own lifecycle, what may seem like the end, is actually an opportunity for transience. So while "FIN" typically marks the end of a story, like in a film, FIN marks the possibility of something new. 

Inspired by 10 stories that both FIN and SlimLim are passionate about, "From Start to FIN" is an art print collaboration that celebrates not just 10 years of FIN Crafted Goods, but also the shared stories that the two have shared through conversations over fashion, art, life and everything in between.

Also, we just really like these movies.