The Ride: Celebrating 9 Years of Creativity with Skateboards & Motorcycles

What do skateboards and motorcycles have in common and what does it have to do with FIN? Plenty.

You might have heard of the expression “skate and create” - for some people, skating is a creative process of coming up with new tricks, showing it off and building on other’s ideas. The act of trying over and over again to master that trick - it goes hand in hand with creativity.

There are no rules to being creative, and the sense of freedom and independence that lies at the heart of skating is akin to how we create in FIN. Just like how being around other skaters pushes them to try harder and go bigger, having you on this ride with us for the past nine years has inspired us to create better. 

Similarly, when you ask motorcyclists why they ride, some might say it's the thrill of the speed and freedom of the open road. Inclusiveness and friendship are also some of the hallmarks of skater and motorcycle culture. It’s a culture that allows you to be you, without the need for anyone’s permission. 

So what can you expect from this event? A garage-like display of vintage motorcycles and an array of merchandise such as caps, socks, plus a whole lot of FIN vibes! With skateboarding, who better to bring us merchandise than Vans? We’ve sprinkled a little FIN dust on some of their seasonal merchandise which will be available for purchase here.

In further support of FIN’s 9th anniversary event, Vans has sponsored a mini skate ramp for guests to take their turn on. If your kids are too small to skate, fret not. We’ve got some kiddie rides by The Propz Company - so bring some change, moms and dads!

Bring your boards, book your slots and join us on The Ride!

The Ride - No. 9
When: 23 & 24 July (Fri-Sat)
Where: 39A Jalan Pemimpin, Halcyon Building #03-03A S577183