FCG to host its first fashion show, Salvaged by FIN

SALVAGED is all about changing perceptions.

In FIN's first fashion show, SALVAGED throws the light on their true mission - repairing and rebuilding used clothes with traditional Japanese mending methods.

During the pre-war years in Japan, sheer poverty drove the farmers in the Aomori Prefecture to grow and weave hemp for clothing. When silk was restricted to the samurai class families throughout the Edo Period (1600-1868), commoners were also forbidden to wear cotton, forcing them to mend, stitch and reinforce layers upon layers of hemp, patching holes in their torn clothing to keep themselves warm and insulated. Boro, or rags, in all sense of the word, was born out of the need to survive.

For years, boro stitchery was an embarrassing reminder of the poverty that once prevailed in Aomori, but one cannot deny the beauty of a lovingly composed piece of creation. What is currently identified as up-cycling, boro-stitching was originally a savvy way of conserving precious cloths, an abundance we now take for granted.

In this fashion show, FIN challenges the way we think about our clothing, introducing their boro-stitchery to modern day pieces as an antithesis to our unbridled consumerism. SALVAGED aims to showcase FIN’s in-house boro mending methods to revive basic wardrobe pieces such as white oxfords as well as used military and laborer jackets sourced from second hand clothing markets.

Through SALVAGED, FIN hopes to demonstrate how anyone can wear second hand without shame, and celebrate the uplifting beauty of an up-cycled piece of clothing. In line with the work wear aesthetics of FIN Crafted Goods, SALVAGED is supported by Kilo Lounge, leading work boots company Red Wing Singapore and Taro Washimi from Tokyo Japan.

Guests are invited to browse or purchase a limited selection of SALVAGED merchandise available at the pop up booth following the fashion show.

Event Details


Date: Thursday 8 November 2018

Venue: Kilo Lounge, 21 Tanjong Pagar Road #01-02/04 S088444

Time: 7.30pm



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