Museum of Local Arts: Iron Kurtain - the tattoo artist

"I was always fascinated by tattoos ever since I was a kid. My grandfather was covered with them. I would always ask him what they meant and he would just say, they looked really cool. When I was 5 years old, my uncle brought me to a tattoo parlor in Orchard Towers to get his first tattoo. Of course, at this age I felt a little bit intimidated by everything around me as I was just a kid trying to understand why the hell my uncle would want to brand himself.

The tattooer who worked on my uncle was a huge bearded man with long hair and his body, adorned with what seemed like traditional tattoos just aged out and I couldn't really make out what they were, but I sure do remember him. My Uncle picked something out of a "flash book", a sacred heart with 3 banners around it reading Mom, Mike and then Dad.

10 years later I decided to get my first tattoo in memory of my grandfather. I started getting really terrible tattoos till I was about 19. I rediscovered traditional" tattooing but a modern version of it. I got into tattooing not so long after that as I was already getting more tattoos and spending so much money on getting new ones, collecting flash books of old tattooers and traditional flash done by other tattooers who made this their niche. I base my designs off vintage tattoos, taking the overall look and shape, then making them look brand new. Modern but at the same time, a timeless classic."

Kurt will be showing two pieces of artwork created for the MOLA exhibition, both priced at $220. If that does not intrigue you, you can also check out the man himself - he's a walking piece of art too, but don't just take our word for it.



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