Museum of Local Arts: Farn Sharkieboy - the photographer

A photographer based in Singapore, Farn loves to travel as it enables him to get inspired, capture and learn about different cultures. He has worked in photojournalism and editorial internationally. A photographer who still uses both analog and digital for his works, Farn prefers shooting in black and white, as he believes that there is more depth and creates more value to the audience. However, there are times where he will occasionally shoot in color.

He is the recipient of numerous international awards :

  • Spider Nominee for the 8th (Street Category) & 9th (Photojournalism & Sport category) Black & White Spider Awards

  • Honourable Mentions for International Photography Awards (IPA) in 2013 & 2014

  • Nominee for the 6th Annual Photography Masters Cup (2013)

  • Winner for the 2014 Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA)

  • Winner for the Spider 12th (People Category) Black & White Spider Awards

Several of his works were also exhibited locally and internationally:

  • Noise 2013 Showcase (Singapore),

  • See.Me : The Exposure 2013 (New York)

  • See.Me : Member Appreciation Event 2014 (New York)

  • Tatzu Nishi : Blum & Poe (Japan, 2016)

  • FIN 5th Trunk Show (Singapore, 2017)

  • Open Doors Gallery (London, 2017)

  • Open Doors Gallery - Instagram takeover (London, 2017)

  • Bang-bang Club Photo Fest 2018 (Malaysia, 2018)

Farn will be showing three selected works for the MOLA exhibition, all priced at an affordable $250 each. Come to MOLA and meet him in person! We promise he will not be wearing a mask of any kind.



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