Museum of Local Arts: Old World Charm - the sign painter

Charmaine first developed a thirst for design as a teen, while enrolled in design school in Singapore. In 2008, she relocated to Sydney, Australia, where she went on to graduate with a Bachelors’ of Industrial Design.

During her eight years spent in Sydney, she worked with industrial designers and artists alike, where she found that she deeply relished the beauty of woodworking and the handcrafted element and tactility of design.

She then delved into the art of sign painting and gilding, learning from masters of the craft from all over the world, and has since been finding ways to keep the craft of traditional sign painting and gold-leaf gilding alive.

Charmaine created four pieces of artwork, priced between $210 to $300. Come down to MOLA on 28 & 29 April, 1-7pm and select your favorite piece!



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