On to a great year ahead..

Clearly a year has passed since our last post, and if I could so humbly share - 2016 brought us more opportunities than we ever anticipated! So incredibly blessed.

Anyway, we're almost done with the first quarter of the year (OMG) and we're super STOKED to be working incredibly hard on our 5th anniversary trunk show coming up in mid May. We have a cool line up of collaborations with fellow artisans, local and abroad, with the intention of building a strong and supportive community of artists, crafters and makers across the region. We love the genuine humility of the makers we've met in recent months, and if there's anything that drives us to be better at what we do - it's seeing that same amount of resilience in others.

So, stay tuned for more stories on our 5th trunk show - more details will follow really soon! In the meantime, hang loose it's FRIDAY!!


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